What is PLUS Deposit?

Plus Deposit is a systematic savings fund designed especially for all payees and retail clients at Credins Bank.

How it works?

Credins offers you periodic crediting on a deposit of funds saving from your salary The Bank does not apply maintenance commission on these deposits. The purpose of the deposit account is saving, the client can withdraw funds after 6 months from the opening of the Deposit account.

Advantages and Features

  • Systematic savings anticipating unexpected needs for cash.
  • Define your own amount and the date for the periodic deposit transaction.
  • Make your deposits whenever throughout the month.
  • Provided in the currencies: Lek (ALL), Euro (EUR) or US dollars (USD).

For any additional information on deposits, always make reference to the updated deposit interest bulletins published in our branches and on our official website, as well as to the working terms and conditions.


*All deposit accounts of any retail, commercial and corporate client, resident or non-resident, of Albanian citizenship or foreign one, who holds a deposit account at Credins Bank Sh.a, in ALL or any foreign currency, are provided with insurance by the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASD), to the extent of 2,500,000 (two thousand five hundred thousand) ALL or its equivalent in foreign currency, pursuant to the provisions set forth in Law No. 53 dated 22.05.2014,”On Deposit Insurance”, as amended. For more information, download the document by clicking here or visit: www.asd.gov.al

Necessary documentation

  • Identity Card
  • Registration Form (for new clients) or updated one for existing clients.
  • Deposit Contract

ASD dhe Buletinin e Normave te Interesit.

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