Credit Card with many more options.

Credit Cards from Credins Bank provide making your payments through several options. Designed to fulfil the needs of clients who have an account at Credins for daily expenses or even more important engagements. Each month, the customer can choose to settle liabilities through e-Banking, automatically from your account or by visiting one of the nearest bank branches.

visa internetVisa Credit Card

  • Currency: ALL
  • Daily limit in POS: 500’000 ALL
  • Card validity: 5 years
With your VISA Credit credit card from Credins Bank, you can purchase by instalments at all Credins partners in Albania. Click here to see the list of partners.

visa internet Mastercard World Credit

  • Currency: Euro
  • Daily limit in POS: 5.000 EURO
  • Card validity: 5 years
  • Currency: USD
  • Daily limit in POS: 5.000 USD
  • Card validity: 5 years

Credit Master Card benefits

mastercard goldMastercard Gold

  • Currency: Euro
  • Daily limit in POS: 5.000 EURO
  • Card validity: 5 years

In case you used your VISA Classic credit card from Credins Bank this month to purchase a 25,000 ALL ticket and you booked a hotel for 30,000 ALL, how would you pay for the total amount due of 55,000 ALL? If you reload your credit card by 10th of the following month with the entire obligation of 55,000 ALL, you will not pay any interest on the amount used. If you reload the amount of 55,000 ALL after the date 10, the overdraft interest will be charged.   You can deposit the amount of 55,000 ALL on the card account:

  1.  Automatically credited from another account in the bank (salary account or current account).
  2.  By using the Credins Online service, you can pay the entire amount.
  3.  By depositing the cash amount at the bank’s desks.

Your online transactions are more secure with Mastercard SecureCode and Verified by VISA (VBV) security models. You are always protected from an extra level of security thanks to a password of your choice and that will be required at the time of purchase from online stores. Some tips on your Card:

  • Save your PIN separately from your card and do not disclose it with other people:
  • Always check the amount displayed in the POS before entering your PIN or before signing the receipt.

You can personalize your Mastercard PIN in all bank ATMs. Changing the PIN code for these cards is free of charge. In case you lose your PIN code, its reprint at Credins branches costs 2 Euro for Mastercard and 300 ALL for VISA cards.   In case of lost or stolen card:

  • Block the card as soon as possible by calling the telephone numbers: 0800 22 73 or +355 4 2274 777.
  • Visit the nearest branch, report the lost/stolen card and apply for a new card.
  • Identity Card
  • Registration Form (for new clients) or updated one for existing clients.
  • Card and PIN Delivery Form.
  • Card Contract.
  • OVD Application Form

Online Banking

Access your account 24/7 from your mobile, laptop or computer!.

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Consumer Loan

Consumer Loan is the solution to fulfil your needs as below

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Current Account

You can perform all kinds of transactions with your current account.

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