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Maxi – Calendar Deposit

Maxi-Calendar Deposit is a savings plan where the client determines the maturity date of the deposit within a 25-35 month period depending on the purpose of the saving.

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Kaltra Deposit

Kaltra Deposit is a long-term investment plan for your kid since your child is born By regular savings you can provide for your child the best education as well as a solid financial base for building a future with more choices.

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Calendar Deposit

Calendar Deposit is a savings plan designed to fulfil your needs obtaining flexibility in time management and amount of money you wish to save. You can make your own choices

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Demand Deposits

Demand Deposit is a savings account, which always helps you to organize various investment plans and projects.

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Term Deposits

Term Deposit is a safe investment that is carried out through an agreement between the individual and the bank, for an amount of money and maturity determined by the client.

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Plus Deposit

Plus Deposit is a systematic savings fund designed especially for all payees and retail clients at Credins Bank.

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