“Credins Premium” Investment Fund

Credins Bank gives you the opportunity to be a member of Credins Premium Investment Fund, offering you solutions for your investments. You can make a one-time investment or invest small amounts periodically. Through the periodic investment plan, the transfer is performed automatically from your Credins Bank account to investment fund account in the amount you have determined, with no need to go physically to any of the bank branches. You can increase your amount or withdraw a part of your fund or the total amount at any time without any penalty.We offer transparency and 24/7 account access through our official website: www.credinsinvest.com

Advantages and Features:

The fund has a low risk profile as it invests in Albanian government securities.
High liquidity: the possibility to withdraw your fund at any time within 7 days, with no penalty and without losing interest.
Higher rate of return compared to deposits.
Professional fund management and diversification opportunities for your investment.
One-time investment or periodic investment plan, where the minimum investment amount is only 2,000 ALL.
Direct debit payments for periodic investment plans.
The fund is quite transparent: You can access your online account at any time.
The fund is hereditary.

How it works?

You should go to Credins Invest offices or Credins Bank branches with an identification document and apply for membership in the Investment Fund. You can make a one-time payment or small periodic amounts. We will provide you copy of the membership agreement and your credentials to access the fund online anywhere and anytime.For detailed information visit the official website: www.credinsinvest.com

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