Opening a Current Account in Credins gives you the possibility to withdraw your salary. The opening of the account is by individual choice and you can provide the IBAN account number to the employer to deposit your salary. We take care that the salary accounts always benefit from competitive advantages. By choosing to open your salary account at Credins, you benefit from many other services:

  • Mastercard or Visa card, in ALL or in Euro according to your currency.
  • Salary Payment Notification
  • Credins online access free at your account anytime and anywhere.
  • Preferential interest rate on salary or overdraft
  • Options for Voluntary Pension and many other facilities

  Accounts at Credins Bank are insured up to 2,500,000.00 (two thousand five hundred thousand) ALL by the Deposit Insurance Agency –, pursuant to Law no. 53/2014, dated 22.05.2014 “On Deposit Insurance”, as amended.

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Term Deposit

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Mortgage Loan

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Debit Card

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