Mr. Butrint MORINA on the sculpture “The Road to Success In October 2016, Credins Bank, in the framework of its community development and support policies announced the competition “ONE BANK FOR ART – One more sculpture for TIRANA”. Immediately, without further delays, I gathered more information on Credins Bank because I wished to have a clear idea on the project I wanted to bring forward. I started my research gathering more information on the bank, such as: symbol, colours, structure and its philosophy. I had several ideas for this competition, mainly works in stone given that this is my favourite material, and the more I studied Credins Bank elements, the more ideas I had. In the end, I decided to submit a project which I entitled “The Road to Success”. A concept which best relates to the symbols and philosophy of Credins Bank. To me it was clear: Credins Bank, in its 14 years since establishment, has made a long journey and experienced wonderful growth. Despite the challenges, in my perspective, Credins Bank would continue being ambitious in its path toward success and sustainable development.   I started to create my work according to the criteria defined in the competition call and submitted the idea which had to be evaluated by a jury. I have had several other projects of this nature, in small dimensions, implemented since 2009. In the framework of the competition, Credins Bank created a jury that would evaluate the projects submitted; a jury composed of bank executives, architects and artists. In June 2016, Credins Bank announced the three winners and I was selected as one of them. The news over the success of my work was very exciting. It was time for me to start working and materialise my idea into visible work. “The Road to Success” is not easy, it is accompanied by ups and downs, but someone who has a clear purpose and is patience does not give up easily. My project consists of an unbroken metal bar that bends in all directions, rising vertically as if to point the road to success. A work of fine composition in all its dimensions evidenced by its motion, good balance and unique geometric refractions. The light-shade effect accentuates the shades of yellow, which is also one of the Credins Bank colours, an optimistic colour that invokes. All these elements make my work unique and worthy of being considered contemporary art. After several months of work, my creation was now finished and ready to be installed. It was October 10, 2017, when the city of Lezha would add another piece of art to its central square. It was a special feeling watching my work which stand proud and attracted the attention of all the citizens of Lezha. I have performed other works as well, in large dimensions, which are in several cities of the world, including: Izmir, Gaziantep, Tehran, Maalot-Tarshiha, Bursa, Gjakova, and Albania too. To conclude with this story, I would like to thank Credins Bank for the opportunity granted to me by materialising now one of my best works into large dimensions in Albania. I wish to continue with such projects and initiatives to promote myself and help Albania enrich public spaces with artwork.

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