Credins Leasing is granted EUR 1.5 million of financing.

Focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, Credins Leasing, one of the largest leasing companies in Albania, will increase leasing financing for small and medium-sized enterprises for vehicles, equipment and machinery. The EBRD has provided continuous support to the growing leasing market in Albania by providing a EUR 1.5 million loan to one of the leading leasing companies in the Albanian market, Credins Leasing Sh.a. Credins Leasing Sh.A will use such loan to further boost financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, with a particular focus on financing vehicles, machineries and equipment. Credins Leasing Sh.A. represents one of the largest leasing companies in Albania, with the largest number of financed facilities. The leasing sector in Albania is still in the early stages of development at a time when demand is growing. EBRD funding will provide support not only to Credins Leasing, but to the whole sector. The EBRD also plans to provide technical assistance to Credins Leasing, improving its credit approval framework and organizing risk management training for loan analysts. The loan was enabled through the Western Balkans and Croatia Financing Framework, a EUR 250 million financial support scheme that supports small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly focused on leasing and insurance companies.

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