In the framework of its social responsibility policies, in continuous care of the well-being, progress and development of the environment in which it operates, Credins Bank has undertaken the initiative to support one of the most important public sectors in the country, health. With the financial support of Credins Bank and under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, the clinical and biochemical laboratory of Polyclinic and Durrës Regional Hospital was inaugurated. During 2014, this laboratory shall carry out all analysis with modern equipment, thus leading to the increase of the quality of hospital services to citizens. The ceremony was held near the premises of Durres Regional Hospital where were present Minister of Health Mr. IlirBeqja, and heads of Durres municipality, directors of Durres Regional Hospital and senior representatives of Credins Bank. This initiative of Credins Bank will further continue with the support of additional important hospital centers with the sole objective, the concrete contribution to support the policies of the Albanian Government in the field of health to improve the quality of hospital services in our country.

Banka Credins