Credins Bank supports youth entrepreneurship

Credins Bank, in the framework of social responsibility, sustainable development and community commitment, promotes Youth Entrepreneurship by financially supporting the Tirana Business University in the national competition "Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” (8th Edition) and "Lawyers of Tomorrow” (4rd Edition). This initiative is a continuation of a tradition launched by the TBU in promoting entrepreneurship, new ideas, the spirit of competition, by highlighting business ideas that contribute to the development of the country. The competition started a few months ago and was finalized with the awarding of winners at a very interesting event at Hotel Plaza on 19/07/2017.

Credins Banks considers important the fact that ideas materialise, develop and grow together with the Bank, providing greater financial freedom and awareness to young people! Meanwhile, in everyday activities, Credins Bank creates products and provides banking services that guide young people towards fulfilling their dreams and needs.

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