Credins Bank closed ‘21 with a satisfactory financial performance and in line with the strategic objectives. It has even surpassed some of the budgeted figures. The loan portfolio in 2021 increased by 8.43% compared to 2020. The main growth is observed in the Medium segment, followed by Micro and Agro segments. In fact, we have provided unlimited support both in terms of consulting and application of financial facilitation schemes for sectors such as trade, services, agriculture, etc. As part of the medium-term strategy, Credins bank has continued to be more engaged in the retail segment, offering innovations in product packages, dedicated offers for housing and consumer loans, but also new opportunities provided by digital channels.

Another successful achievement throughout 2021 was the expansion and consolidation of Credins bank Kosovo, bringing competitive advantages to customers, selection of local staff and their training, as well as establishment of a team of leaders and professionals who are laying strong foundations for further growth. We have currently 4 new branches in Kosovo and our strategy is focused on expanding to other cities in 2022.


Credins Bank maintained throughout 2020 the first place in the market for total net loan portfolio with an increase of + 4% in 2020 compared to 2019. During this year, lending focused mainly on strategic sectors such as health and supporting small and medium-sized businesses to recover their activity, overcome the difficulties created and to restart with optimism. Of significant contribution was the restructuring of some of the loan portfolio for businesses that were affected by the pandemic, as well as the support given through the sovereign guarantee schemes. Despite the challenges of the interbank market, a prudent approach to liquidity management was maintained ensuring good performance in terms of financial market fluctuations in the onset of the pandemic.

Another success reached in a difficult year by our bank was the finalization of the licensing project by the Bank of Albania for three new activities: derivatives trading, securities underwriting and advising on certain activities.

After 18 successful years in the Albanian market, Credins Bank has just opened its doors in Kosovo, and has already been launched with two branches. This important decision-making, even though in the most difficult conditions such as the pandemic situation, has not hindered our plans for further expansion throughout 2021 and to be present in Albanian areas close to each client.


Throughout 2019, we affirmed our position as the first bank in the market for the total net loan portfolio with a value of EUR 825.6 Million. This indicator shows our ongoing support to businesses, individuals and the domestic economy, resulting from a very successful strategic management followed by the bank executives. The priority of the bank and the business development unit has been the continuous support of small and medium businesses as the main pillar of developing the country's economy and growing employment. To enable small businesses access to financing, we designed facilitation schemes with international partners such as COSME agreement with the European Investment Fund, as well as developed specific packages for this segment of customers to provide a "one stop shop" for each customer. We cooperated and supported Agro-business as one of the most priority and strategic sectors in the country, by being present with our mobile bank, one of the most innovative services in the domestic market, in every corner of the country, even in remote areas where there are no banks. We designed personalized packages for each group of customers by addressing their specific needs with banking services and preferential commissions such as packages for students, small businesses, agro customers, etc.

During 2018, in the framework of access to finance, the Bank extended cooperation agreements with AK Invest and with the Albanian Post for the service provided in their network via the “ Cash Advance” service through its POS points of sale. In addition, during this year, the MasterCard product line expanded, adding to the portfolio, the premium WORLD card, in debit and credit, a card that is firstly introduced for the first time in Albania
- In June 2018, Credins Bank entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and Economy on the rights and obligations of Market Developers regarding the issuance of benchmark bonds of the Republic of Albania. Credins Bank is one of the five (five) banks in the country, selected for the development of secondary government securities market.

During 2017, a new branch was established in Lezhë, and investments were made in a large scale to revitalize, expand and improve the existing branches, thus creating optimal conditions to give the most effective service to our clients. The investments made in the human capital, through the staff training program for sales effectiveness (SFE), started to pay its dues, and this reflected in the creation of a new working culture and in a more proactive approach of the employees towards the clients. Besides other products, during 2017 the novelty was the launch of the Mastercard for businesses in EUR and USD as a debit and credit card, and also of the Mastercard Gold for the Elite clients of Credins.
Bank of Albania Supervisory Council on August 2, 2017 takes the decision and grants Credins Bank prior approval to conduct additional financial intermediation activity in insurance.
In December 2017, Credins Bank Bank received the approval of Membership in the Albanian Stock Exchange of Securities (ALSE). Through this membership the Brokerage company Credins Bank sh.a is authorized to carry out transactions in the Albanian Stock Exchange Securities titles issued by the Albanian Government.
In the Corporate Social Responsibility area, Credins Bank began grouping its community-based initiatives under the reporting format for contributing to the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In March 2016, Credins Bank opens the first branch of Cashless Services in its Head Offices in Rr. Vaso Pasha, No. 8, Tirana.
On 2 June 2016, the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority officially approves the license for Credins Invest, the asset management and Investment Company. Credins Bank owns 76% of the newly established company.
In August 2016, Credins Bank was ranked as the third largest bank in the country regarding Assets, Deposits and Loans.
From May 1, 2016, Credins Bank provides the option of exchanges and transfers in Chinese currency (CNY).

During 2015, the Bank was ranked as one of the three largest banks in terms of some of the main financial indicators such as deposits and loans.
Credins Bank expanded its network with two new branches in the city of Tirana near the “Ring” shopping centre and in the Kombinat area. The Bank also extended with 2 new branches in the cities of Pogradec and Corovoda.
In total, the branch network extended to 56 branches, thus joining a community of more than 241,109 clients nationwide.
By decision of the Steering Council, dated 02 April 2015, the Sales Department and Credit Support of SMEs, Retail, Micro and Agro (SIMA) was established under the Business Development Division.
On December 24, 2015, was signed the Merging Agreement of the companies Credins bank sh.a and Credins Leasing sh.a.
On April 30, 2015, the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AMF) approved the change of control of the Pension Fund Management Company SiCRED sh.a, following the signing agreement between SiCRED sh.a and Credins bank sh.a for transfer of 76% of total shares from SiCred sh.a to Credins bank sh.a on 22 December 2014.

During 2014, the Bank achieved very good results with a record net profit of ALL 519 million in a slow-down economic environment.
In December 2014, Credins Bank was awarded with the national award of philanthropy by "Partners-Albania” in the framework of corporate social responsibility “For considerable and impactful social contribution made in sensitive areas of the Albanian society, listing: health, education and certainly for promotion of art and culture".
During the same year, the Bank also won the award by the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the "Bank of the year 2014" not only due to performance and financial achievements but also for its contribution to the Albanian economy.

edins Bank signs an agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for financing of the amount of 10 million Euro. The aforementioned fund will be used in support of providing loans to micro, small and medium local enterprises and for supporting solutions for commercial and retail banking clients.
Due to our 10th anniversary, investments in technology and renewable energy are completed within the first three months.
The new e-banking innovative platform was launched with “Credins Online”
For the very first time, Credins Bank introduces Albania to the list of countries that accept payments by VISA cards.
The IFC agreement supports the Albanian sector for renewable energy with a funding of 10 million Euro.
Credins Bank launches e-banking and e-Commerce adding to its range of products and services competitive and innovative services being always in avant-garde position to get 360-degree view of the customer in fulfilling the needs.
Credins Bank finances renewable energy and energy efficiency projects by promoting proactive use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Credins Bank launches for the first time in the Albanian market Visa prepaid cards, the only one of this type in the banking market.
The network is extended in 47 branches and agencies reaching the number of 182,000 clients.

Credins Bank ranks third in the banking sector, regarding the annual turnover, by increasing turnover by about 30% or 7.6 billion ALL.
For the first time, Credins Bank provides possibility to all investors to invest in Gold.
The number of branches is extended to 43 and customer base reaches to 168,489 customers.

Year 2010 marks an increase and progress in all indicators, among which we highlight:
Credins Bank is listed among 5 major banks operating in the country.
In October 2010, the Bank expands its activities with the Licence granted for Trading God and Precious metals.
Credins Bank signed a cooperation agreement with Albanian Post as an extraordinary opportunity for mutual beneficial cooperation, by providing banking products and services to all the clients in all the geographic territory.
Credins Bank signs an agreement with the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB). This agreement signing is the beginning of a cooperation aimed at financing exports and imports between the BSTDB member countries and Albania.
The Monitoring Committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana evaluates Credins Bank with the award "Most Innovative Bank of the Year”.
The number of branches is extended to 41 and customer base reaches to 125,737 customers.

Credins Bank signs a Loan Agreement with the European Fund for South East Europe (EFSE).
In the framework of the achievements and objectives fulfilled it is worth highlighting the assessment according to Moody's, where Credins Bank is positively evaluated in the region context where it operates
Credins Bank operates by 32 branches, 447 employees and 93,098 clients.

Credins Bank celebrates its 5th anniversary and adds 2 new shareholders: Balkan Financial Sector Equity Holding B.V. (BFSE Holding B.V.) Netherlands, represented through the Development Fund for Equity Partners (DFE) and the other shareholder, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), represented through the Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets (SIFEM AG),
At the end of the year the bank has 26 branches and agencies, 386 employees, and 73,402 clients.

Year 2007 can be considered as the year of maturity for Credins Bank.
CREDINS bank becomes “Member with full rights” for trading VISA card. The bank increases its profit by 132%
The branch and agency network extends to 25, while the number of clients at 45,724.

The first bank providing the online banking service "Credins online", which enables clients to perform transactions via internet or mobile phone, from their bank accounts and at the same time at the highest security level.
At the end of 2006, the Bank reaches up to 36,740 clients, 17 branches and 170 employees.

Credins Bank signs an agreement with the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Group in Italy to carry out free and quick banking transfers for Albanians living in Italy.
The growth continues with uninterrupted pace with the number of branches reaching to 12, number of employees in 113 and of clients at 25,000.

Credins bank provides “American Express” Travellers Cheques service.
The banking activity is expanded by reaching the number of branches and agencies to 7, as well as doubling the number of employees to 55. Also at the end of this year, the Bank has 12,000 clients.