Have your own house or apartment to complete a part of the life cycle of your family. Investments in buying a real estate is a big step for young families. Your house is important to you and the wide range of Credins Bank’s products offers different forms of financing, such as Mortgage Loans for Real Estate Financing. Through Mortgage Loan you can get a personal loan of up to 40,000,000 ALL to finance the purchase of your desired home with a maturity up to 20 years. Through quick approval procedures and competitive market rates, Credins Bank offers up to 100% financing.

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Advantages and Features

  • You can buy your own house or get a bigger one depending on your family needs and your income.
  • You can carefully manage your income in long term by balancing your daily requirements and long-term investments.
  • You learn to use insurance products that are important to you, such as property insurance or life insurance.

Documentation required:

For individuals employed

  • Passport (certified copy).
  • Certificate of family monthly income.
  • Mortgage certificate and documents certifying the asset origin.

Individuals managing a small business

  • Passport (certified copy).
  • Current year licence.
  • Mortgage certificate and documents certifying the asset origin.

Individuals managing a large business (sh.p.k. or sh.a.)

  • Company’s legal documentation.
  • Current Year Balance Sheet submitted with the tax authorities.
  • Mortgage certificate and documents certifying the asset origin.

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