Get the attention you deserve in the “Elite” segment at Credins Bank

“Elite Member” is a special segment of retail clients at Credins Bank, which aims to promote those individuals who represent potential future cooperation due to their social, institutional positioning and also in the context of their close business relationship with the bank.


  • Exclusivity in MASTERCARD GOLD usage
  • Dedicated staff for providing banking service.
  • A designed package of products dedicated to Elite segment.
  • Rapid effective assistance in emergency situations.
  • VIP dedicated desks to perform Priority transactions.


This card is especially designed for Elite segment and is provided in Euro currency. The Mastercard Gold Credit Card provides you with the desired standard of payment/purchase method online, via POS or ATM withdrawal.

Advantages and Features

  • Equipment with “Mastercard Gold” identifies you as an Elite category client.
  • The card is issued with an automatic credit limit on Mastercard Gold up to Euro 1,000 (one thousand Euros) that may increase upon your request.
  • Furthermore you benefit an insurance Policy “Travel Life and Health Insurance” free of charge for 1 year period with automatic renewal with relevance to Mastercard Gold.
  • In case of loss or stolen card the replacement procedure is activated in case of emergency, which provides you with optimum repossession term or cash access.
  • Due to Contactless feature you benefit from the transactions speed regardless of the PIN function for transactions below 20 Euro.


Prepaid Cards due to the presence of the microchip are safer and more secure from fraud and cloning. As a rule, when you make a purchase, you will be asked to enter your PIN code to complete transactions for amounts over 20 €.

Your online transactions are more secure with Mastercard SecureCode and Verified by VISA (VBV) security models. You are always protected from an extra level of security thanks to a password of your choice and that will be required at the time of purchase from online stores. Read more here.

In case of lost or stolen card:

  • Block the card as soon as possible by calling the telephone numbers: 0800 22 73 or +355 4 2274 777.
  • Visit the nearest branch, report the lost/stolen card and apply for a new card.

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