World Money Week, Credins Bank hosts “QemalStafa” high school students!

Within the framework of the Money Week event, a worldwide money celebration, aimed at raising the awareness about how to make smart financial decisions, Credins Bank welcomed today, the students of QemalStafa “High School” in the premises of its Head Office. The visit of the students was conceived in three stages; a brief introduction explaining how to take care of money, how to save, how to think financially or how to understand the changes in economic systems, where Ms. JoardaMema, Head of the Segment and Product Development Unit, accompanied them to visit Bank's departments, where they had the opportunity to talk with Bank's senior executives, like Mrs. Monika Milo, the Deputy CEO of Credins Bank, Mr.  Selman Lamaj, Head of Development Division and Mr. ArdianAngoni, Head of Human Resources and to celebrate with a cocktail party at Credins Café. Credins Bank, in the framework of its social responsibility policies, continues to support activities targeting younger generations, which constitute the most important cohort for the future of the country.

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