World Money Week, Credins Bank finances three awards!

Money Week is a worldwide celebration about the money, aiming at raising the awareness of the younger generation to become responsible citizens of the future and capable of making smart financial decisions. This is an initiative launched by the Bank of Albania (BoA) and the Albanian Association of Banks (AAB) and Credins Bank provides its financial support, in the framework of its social responsibility policies. During "Money Week" a variety of activities are organized to engage children and young people, involve children and young people by learning how to care for money, how to save money, how to think financially, how to understand the changes in the economic systems where they live, how to earn income through entrepreneurship, and set the foundations for their future through financial culture. Credins Bank has always been part of the financial institutions that support education activities during World Money Week. This year, Credins Bank supported the "Best Video" competition, in which all high school students compete with their own created videos, on the topic of: “Save for bad days”! “Save for better days”! The assessment of the winner’s selection was made by placing a greater importance to the personal dedication of the student for the creation of the video story, the authenticity of the message conveyed, and his/her ability to use the technology. Credins Bank awarded Mastercard Contactless bank cards to each one of the winners. Credins Bank continues to be active by supporting the community, whereby it operates to build a “Saving" culture for the young generations, which constitute the most important cohort for the future of the country.

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