Time for travels…But be careful, because having money with you is not enough!

Many of us may have been asking to ourselves the questions before a trip abroad: Do I have enough cash with me? Do I feel safe with so much cash? Do I have to take all the money I plan to spend in cash, or get a card with me?

The arrival of spring season brings the desire to travel. You pack your luggage; we prepare your card. This way, everything is ready!

Do you remember how much cash you used to carry with you before departure? The trend has evolved. Many countries are becoming “cashless”; meaning a country where transactions are not conducted with money but only with credit cards. In places such as Amsterdam, even the morning coffee is paid by card. If you pay in cash, you are no longer suitable. Using a credit card improves your reputation; you become more trustworthy and significantly reduce the risk of being stolen.

Credins Bank introduces you with a new card: “Mastercard World” an exclusive card for all individuals. “Mastercard World” is offered as a Debit and Credit card which is supplied both in EUR and USD currencies.

Along with the card, you get for free the “Life and health in travel insurance for 1 year”, saving your time and money on the insurance policy. Many advantages! Do not hesitate, apply immediately at Credins Bank.

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