Mobile Bank by Credins Bank in Korça

Credins Bank held a meeting in Korça to support the agricultural business. Farmers from the Region of Korça, heads of institutions, lecturers and students from the Agricultural University of Korça were present.

During the meeting, the representatives of Credins Bank informed farmers about loans opportunity for the agricultural businesses. Also present was PiroCeta, a farmer advisor for the Korça Region, who held conversations with farmers and provided consultancy.

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of the mobile bank, which will travel throughout Albania to facilitate customer relationship with the bank in remote areas far from the city.

Korça event was the second after Roskovec, where more than 50 farmers from different areas gathered. Credins Bank will continue with the initiative undertaken for the support of agribusiness and in the forthcoming months will hold other meetings.

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