Students’ daily life is dynamic; learning programmes are challenging; new contemporary lecturing, seminars, and workshops formats stimulate the competitive spirit of the youngsters, their imagination, ambition and inspirations for success.    Yet, alongside the challenge of the academic program comes the challenge of independent living: income management, renting expenses, boarding, light bills, water and heating, internet, telephone, travelling with new friends, attending international conferences, fun… At Credins Bank we believe that students face many challenges. And in the face of these challenges, we propose our partnership to facilitate payments, manage time, overcome bureaucratic barriers, and provide competitive advantages to access financing. We love young people’s energy and their creative spirit, therefore this year we chose to go on a tour of Albanian Public and Non-Public Universities in Tirana, Durrës, Shkodra, Vlora, Korça and Gjirokastra to find out more about student challenges and to propose our financial solutions. As part of our Social Responsibility programme, we wish to ensure access to financial services for all young people without any discrimination; financial education, transparency, advanced technology financial services, just like any peer anywhere in the world! Coming soon to your school! Visit us at our desk and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and on our official page

Banka Credins