Credins Bank provides financial support in the field of sports!

In this context, on the opening of the sports season, Credins Bank supported the Albanian Basketball Federation. The President of the Albanian Basketball Federation (ABF), Mr. Ponari, during his welcoming speech at the press conference, he assessed Credins Bank as one of the key partners and supporters in the development of this important championship. Credins Bank considers support for the field of sports as part of its social responsibility policies and obligation to the community in which it operates. Contributing to sport, we believe we provide young people with the opportunity to develop their professional skills, encouraging them to advance nationally and internationally. In our day-to-day work as a bank we create products to give young people more financial freedom to fulfill their professional dreams. What unites us with sport is hard work, dedication, will, energy and optimism to succeed. Credins Bank, We Speak Your Language!  

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