Clients experience in branches at the focus of Credins Bank Executives

In a conversation with the staff, the CEO once more emphasised the importance of establishing long-term relationship with the client. Implementation of the "Increased efficiency of sales” programme, which began as a pilot project four years ago at Credins Bank, has now expanded across the branches’ network, contributing to a new communication culture with clients and improving the bank's reputation. This programme has changed the approach toward the client, increased pro-activity and, what’s most important, has had a significant impact on the internal staff climate. Despite the initial hesitation concerning this project, the measurable results gradually showed that they can also make the work measurable, by evaluating the individual, promoting teamwork, and bringing continuous improvement to Credins Bank. The programme has been accompanied by new incentive schemes, but also by an intensive dialogue between staff at the branch and Senior Executives. "A Coffee at Credins" is a non-formal meeting format with the participation of the Bank's CEOs, where, in a free chat with the best Credins vendors, achievements are identified, feedback on clients’ expectations is given, and difficulties and needs for the upgrades of systems, logistics, products and so on, are identified. During yesterday's conversation with the CEO, Mr. Maltin Korkuti, the staff emphasised that this project has not only raised the awareness but also increased the ambition at work for further results. The CEO, in turn, informed the employees that the focus of the bank, in line with technological development, is to create a more positive atmosphere for the client and to optimize the client-bank relationship through digitalization of products and further automation of business processes. The main effect this approach endeavours to achieve is to concede to the branch staff more time and possibility to hear and understand clients’ needs, making them have a positive experience at the bank and consider Credins Banks their road toward success. The meeting closed with the awarding of the best sellers, who won a touristic trip.

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