Credins Premium Investment Fund

At Credins Bank, you have the opportunity to invest in the Credins Premium Investment Fund: the right solution to your investments. Among others, if you invest in Credins Premium you may benefit from fiscal facilities. You don’t need to have large amounts of money. Small amounts are enough to make periodic investments in such fund.

Advantages and Features

The Fund has a low risk profile following its investments in securities in the Albanian Government.
High liquidity: opportunity to withdraw at any time within 7 days with no penalty or lost interest.
The higher return rate compared to deposits.
Investment diversification opportunities.
Management of professional investments.
You can invest in immediate or periodic investment plan with a minimum investment amount of 2,000 ALL only.
The fund is quite transparent: You can access your online account at any time.

How it works?

Periodic investments means the purchase of shares any time increase your capital. If the investment fund share price decreases, you will be able to purchase more shares with the same amount. If the investment fund share price increases, you will be able to purchase less shares with the same amount. The value of periodic investments may be modified (increase or decrease) or may be suspended at no additional cost. For detailed information, visit:

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