To all foreign customers who wish to invest their money in securities, the Bank offers:

  • Timely delivery of securities services (coupon payments, interest rates etc.) as well as information on interest rates and market prices for your investments at any time.
  • Simple, competitive fees and negotiation options depending on amounts and deadlines.

Features of this Service:

  • Opening of the securities account/escrow account;
  • Payment of all transactions with your portfolio securities (such as purchase, sale, transfer of ownership) in the Albanian market of securities;
  • Registering of all transactions of the securities portfolio;
  • Reporting and confirmation of paid transactions as well as sending information on the current portfolio situation periodically;
  • Evaluating the portfolio and reporting its current situation periodically;
  • Maintaining the relationship with the issuer of financial instruments (Ministry of Finance and Bank of Albania), for everything regarding the market representation, coupon payment, taxes etc.;

  Credins Bank is a member of the Albanian Securities Exchange (ALSE). Through this membership, the Brokerage Company Credins Bank sh.a is authorized to carry out transactions in the Albanian Stock Exchange of Securities issued by the Albanian Government. Credins Bank is one of the five (five) banks in the country, selected for the development of the secondary government securities market.

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