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Which bank cards are best for me?

Which bank cards are best for me?

We are often faced with the dilemma of whether to use cash or get a bank card. Moreover, which card should we choose from the variety of cards introduced over the last few years. We often hear: Credit cardsdebit cards, prepaid cards, Mastercard or Visa cards. Being exposed to a variety of information, we continue to use cash for every purchase, in every store, carrying a considerable amount of cash with us, bearing the risk of loss but also poor management of expenses.

But what are the benefits of a debit card or credit card? 

Everyone who has used bank cards has felt very satisfied and has even recommended them to his friends. The card provides you with the opportunity to shop online and pay at any POS at home and abroad, reducing the amount of cash to be carried in your wallet. With the card you feel safe, as you can withdraw money at any ATM, inside or outside the country.

Above all, you check at any moment the account balances for any expenses you perform, even directly, such as through Credins Online platform, without waiting in line at the bank’s counters.

Are we safe from using the card?  Read below, and we believe you will understand a lot about the security that technology offers.

Debit and credit cards are equipped with a 4-digit PIN number which is required for cash withdrawals at ATMs and for purchases in stores through POS devices. But be careful, the PIN code is secret, and you should not share it with anyone else. If the card is lost, don’t worry. Just contact the bank and declare your lost card. The card will be instantly blocked, and you will be provided with a new card and new PIN code.

What is a debit card and how does it differ from  credit card? 

The debit card  is linked to the current account  and its use is based on the current funds that each individual has in the account. If your salary is transferred to a bank account, you do not need to withdraw your cash immediately, as we have been doing all these years. Debit card gives you the opportunity to use funds according to your needs. You can withdraw cash at any ATM of your bank 24/7. Even at the ATMs of any other bank but be aware that there is a commission in this case. Get informed about the terms and conditions that your bank provides.  

If you get a credit card, you use the bank’s money, so it’s a loan, and the credit card limit is set under a signed agreement between the bank and the client. With Mastercard or Visa credit cards that Credins Bank or other banks offer, you can accomplish your needs for shopping online or at any store around the world by paying your receipt later. Be careful, if not paid within due time, you shall pay interest. Get informed on the terms and conditions that your banks provides for credit cards before using them. What about online shopping?
What card should I use?  
If you consider to be more careful, choose a prepaid card, , where you yourself determine a spending limit for online shopping or for your vacations.  

Which card to choose?

For daily payments and monthly expenses at the supermarket or stores, experts at Credins Bank suggest that you use your debit card because it will facilitate you too keep your spending under control. For hotel payments, travel tickets, online shopping, or even if you don’t have enough funds and want to pay later, a credit card is your solution. You can even benefit from using it as the Mastercard credit card that  Credins Bank offers provides many advantages. If you are still hesitant, meet with a financial advisor at Credins Bank available to assist anyone in providing efficient solutions and best experiences.

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