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Long queues in the banks? We show you how you can eliminate them

Long queues in the banks? We show you how you can eliminate them

As with major technological advances, and the evolving pace of life in this millennium, the banking system is one of the first industries that should accelerate its investments in technology. Banks strive to find innovative ways to satisfy their customers in order to deliver excellent customer service by avoiding long queues at banking halls and slow turnaround. Long queues generate irritation to customers as well as to front line bank personnel. On these grounds, Credins Bank created, Credins Online, the smart phone application.


5 reasons why you should use Online Banking:

1. Access to your banking account anywhere, anytime.
Take your banking anywhere with logins from your smartphone and laptop through the internet. It doesn’t matter where you are, at home, at office, on holiday or abroad.Through Credins Online, everything is easier, just a click away. If you don’t have it yet, directly download the application from App Store or Google Play

2. Ease of Transfers
Money transfers for personal or business matters are often urgent. Through Credins Online you can transfer money inside and outside of Albania without wasting time and queuing. Even by benefiting from preferential commissions. You can also pay for any utilities such as electricity bills, water bills, fines, etc. In 5 minutes, every payment is completed in an instant, keeping track of your monthly bill payment history and by avoiding queues, reducing your wallet cash and thus saving your precious time.

3. Simple to Use
Every functionality is quite simple to use with the latest version of Credins Online. When encountering difficulties, the Bank assists you with video tutorials on each feature of the app, which gives you a detailed explanation of each step you should take. If you still need assistance contact the bank by email or telephone.

4. Maximum Security
Credins Bank secures its customers money by providing fingerprint service or entering Pin code to online services. To strengthen your security and guarantee your peace, you will receive an SMS in your mobile phone, with an authorization code for the transaction you want to perform.

5 Save Time
Through Credins Online You can also apply online for banking products and services such as cards or loans. The application enables you to reduce the waiting time in the bank, so you benefit the most out of every advantage you get from the online application.

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