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Debit Business Card


  • Fund access for 24 hours/7 days a week
  • ATM extended network
  • Access to current accounts within and outside the country
  • Cash use reduction
  • Immediate liquidity provided
  • Maximum Security
  • Financial management and fund control
  • ONLINE Payment


  1. What is Debit Mastercard?

Business Debit Mastercard is a Debit Card designed to facilitate your business activities, helping you to still manage your available funds better. This card helps you to carry out transfers, online/POS payments, bookings etc.


  1. What currency is Business Debit Mastercard offered in?

Business DebitMastercard is offerd in EURO. But, referring to exchange rates, you can use it in the currency you want.

  1. What is Contactless?

Contactless comes as an added value in all new Mastercards from Credins Bank, which gives you the ability to make payments up to 20 Euro,without setting Pin or signing bills. Just tap on POS logo, wherever you see it.

  1. Can you obtain this card?

All business holders can be equipped withBusiness Mastercard. Justpresent yourself at Bank’s counters, showing your ID and applying for this card.

  1. Can I issue secondary cards for my employees?

Yes. The holder has the exclusive right of issuing secondary cards linked to the account, determining cardholders, use limits for every issued card on behalf of the company, as well as their rights and obligations.

Loss and theft

If you lose your card, immediately inform customer service at Credins bank:
Tel: 0800 22 73 dhe +355 4 2274 777.