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Save and Win


Let’s celebrate together the World Saving Day

In October 31,1924 on the last day of the International Saving Bank Congress in Milano, the Italian professor Filippo Ravizza declared this day the “International Saving Day”. Since then it has become a tradition in all over the world

Why we celebrate the World Saving Day?

  • To promote a saving culture
  • To educate the customer by enhancing savings
  • To have a secure economy

The philosophy of Credins bank is in compliance with these principles, and so we joined the international activities for “International Saving Day”.  A saving account will help you to have a secure and qualitative future.

How do we celebrate the International Savings Day in Credins bank?

Starting from October 31, 2016 to May 31, 2017, all of you that will open a Deposit with minimum term of 25 months, automatically will be part of the Promotional Draw ‘Save and Win” for a trip to Disneyland, Paris with your family.

It is authorized by the Ministry of Finance with the authorization no. 520, date 31/10/2016, Credins Bank Sh . A. organizes this Promotional Draw “Save and Win”.


Conditions of participation:

  • To open a new Deposit starting from 25 months.
  • Clients that renew a deposit are also included, starting from 25 months.

The organization of the draw:

The draw will take place in the headquarters of Credins Bank, Rr: “Vaso Pasha”, No. 8, Tirana, in June 9, 2017, at 16:30 in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Regional Directorate of Taxation in Tirana. Winners will be notified through an SMS.

Credins bank reserves all the rights on refusing to give the award, if any violation of the bank regulation is noticed.

The award includes the transportation, hotel “All inclusive” and Disneyland tickets. The award is non-transferable.